Space Invaders

Space Invaders

The online version of the classic arcade game
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The online incarnation of the acclaimed classic Space Invaders features updated modern graphics with new animations and sound effects, includes several additional play modes like classic and modern, has several difficulty settings and player statistics charts.

Space Invaders is the classic video game, which now can be played online. As you may already know, the goal of the game is to clear the screen from the aliens. You get points for each your shot. The aliens also shoot at you, so you must be alert and try to avoid their shots, by simply moving in another direction.

From time to time, a flying saucer appears moving from side to side and if you strike it, it gives you useful power-ups that help you destroy the ships faster.

The graphics are nice and the game has good sound effects and music; you can also play in full-screen mode. However, it was very disappointing to find out that all the levels are the same, there are no changes at all except from the speed of the aliens.

I played it for 15 minutes and I was already bored. The aliens look exactly the same, and there is no change in their formation or movements.

However, I think that the appearance and other aspects of the game were done intentionally to resemble the first arcade games in history.
All in all, Space Invaders could be a good game to have some fun and remember old times.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to play
  • Free
  • Can be played online
  • Nice graphics and good sound effects
  • Power-ups


  • All the levels look the same
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